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Error Code 10 - How to identify the problem when there's E10 code on your bike computer

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This article is dedicated to identifying the problems when you encounter the error code 10 situation.
Here's what it is like to have an error code 10 on the bike computer:

Please take the following diagnosis step to identify the problem, whether it's a sensor or controller, or motor issue, the steps have been proved a success in multiple cases.

Diagnosis Step:

Remove the crankarm and pull out the PAS sensor
First, we need to check all the cable connections are tight and OK, and then remove the crankarm in order to pull out the PAS cadence sensor

'Crank Arm And PAS Sensor Removal For All Cyrusher Models':

Try use the throttle to start the motor.
After pulling out the sensor, try to use the throttle to start the bike, if the bike cannot be activated and error code 10 still exists, then we need to change a new controller (please contact Cyrusher support for a new controller replacement)

'Cyrusher XF650/XF900 Controller Replacement'

Change the motor if a new controller cannot fix the problem.
If changing the controller still cannot solve this problem, then the next step we take is replacing the motor.

'Back Wheel and Motor Removal for All Cyrusher E-Bikes'

Updated on: 20/07/2022

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