We have a detailed video on how to test the voltage of the battery and charger:

This article is dedicated to showing how to test the voltage of the battery by using a voltmeter.

When you have encountered the following situation, we might need you to test the battery's voltage for us to identify the problem:
-Battery cannot be charged.
-Range is reducing.
-Battery life is reducing.


To test your e-bike battery, the only tool you’ll need is called a multimeter.
A multimeter is a simple electrical measuring instrument that’s cheap and easy to get. You can find them on Amazon.


Turn on your multimeter and set it to DC Mode (200VDC)

Put the negative probe (the black one) on the battery charging port 1 and put the positive probe (the red one) on battery charging port 3 (see picture)

See reading on the multimeter, if the battery's voltage is 40-54V, then the battery is normal.
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