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How to solve the problem when the frame of your XF650 has popped out from the rear wheel?

Articles on: Toubleshooting

We have received many customers reporting their frame has popped out from the rear wheel:

In order to fix this issue, we have developed a torque arm that can install on both sides of the XF650 rear wheel that can help with the problem:

Please see this detailed video on Youtube how to install the torque arm:
'Cyrusher TV | Quick Tips - Securing Your Rear Wheel - Cyrusher XF650'

Please note that we have the same torque arm for the XF900, but it can only be installed on one side, and we don't have the torque arm for the XF800 model.

Updated on: 19/08/2022

Aktualisiert am: 11/03/2024

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