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How to remove speed limit (de-restriction) for XF650/XF900

For safety reasons, we have limited the speed of XF650/XF900 so it's legal on the road.

However, if you choose to enjoy your bike off-roading at full speed, here's how you can remove the speed limit of XF650/XF900, please follow local laws and regulations when you do so:

We have a detailed video showing you how to remove the speed limit for XF650/XF900:

Step 1: Take out the battery and unscrew the battery housing

Step 2: Slide it to the side so you can take out the controller

Step 3: Unplug the speed limit cable:

Step 4: Put everything back and change the P08 setting to 100 on the bike computer.
Please refer to timestamp 8:09 from this video on how to do the setting:

Now you're able to enjoy the full speed of the bike, please follow local laws and regulations, thanks.

Updated on: 03/08/2022

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