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How to solve Cyrusher XF800 Motor Brake Cut Sensor Issues

If there shows the circle to the right of the battery (next to the TTM) on your bike computer which should only show when the brakes are engaged and that automatically cuts power to the motor which is why your throttle won’t be engaging. So the system thinks the brakes are engaged.

How to solve it ?

You need to disconnect the power cut off cable one by one and use the throttle to test which brake lever power-cut-off screw need to be adjusted.

Use pliers or similiar tools(such as a small wrench) to adjust the power-cut-off screw tightness/tension at the bottom part of the brake lever accordingly.

Turn on bike computer to see whether the brake singal still shows up when you release the brake lever ; if not, then throttle to tes the motor will engage or not; if still shows up, do the step 2 again.

How to adjust the brake lever power off screw tightness/tension by wrench

Updated on: 31/12/2020

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